Sections of Polish Society of Allergology 

Section of Ophtamology

Chairperson - Dr hab. n. med. Marta Chełmińska

Section of Young Allergists

Chairperson  - Dr Michał Panek

Section of SIT

Chairperson - Dr Ewa Cichocka-Jarosz

Section of Dermatology

Chairperson - Prof. Roman Nowicki

Section of Pediatrics

Chairperson - Prof. Andrzej Emeryk

Section of Laryngology

Chairperson - Dr Piotr Rapiejko

Section of Food Allergy

Chairperson - Prof. Zbigniew Bartuzi

Section of Clinical Immunology

Chairperson - Prof. Rafał Pawliczak

Section of Drug Allergy

Chairperson - Prof. Marek Kowalski

GRUPA ZAINTERESOWAŃ - Sport, astma i alergia

Chairperson - Dr hab. med. Radosław Gawlik