Lower membership fee for EAACI members for PTA members

We invite all PTA Members to use the EAACI proposal – each new and current member of EAACI may pay a membership fee of 30 euros per year, if he is a full PTA Member and is not in arrears with the payment of membership fees in our Society


The procedure for the lower membership fee in EAACI is as follows:

  1. A PTA member downloads and signs a statement enabling PTA to provide EAACI data on membership status and chargesDOCPDF)

  2. The statement is sent to PTA in the form of a scan to the e-mail address pta@pta.med.pl or fax (42) 679 03 16 (without this document PTA will not be able to provide any information about EAACI about the status of PTA membership and payment of the individual’s charges)

  3. A PTA member interested in a lower membership fee in EAACI has two options:

  • When you sign up for EAACI it’s on the site http://registration.eaaci.org/EAACIMemberRegistration.aspx in section National Allergy Society (NAS) Dual Membership – Please select NAS Society – check Poland (point A),  Please fill in your NAS membership numer write PTA (point B)

  • Existing EAACI members may use the option of a lower membership fee after sending such a request to EAACI to the email address member@eaaci.org

     4. PTA confirms the membership status of EAACI and the payment of contributions from the applicant for a lower EAACI membership fee.

We invite you to subscribe to EAACI and we encourage you to actively participate in this one of the most important allergy organizations in the world!

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