Next year will bring many changes to our Society. During the 14th International PTA Congress, the General Assembly of PTA Delegates will be held, which will elect a new President-Elect, a new Main Board, as well as other bodies of the Society: the Main Audit Committee and the Peers’ Court. During the Congress, the new authorities of the Problem Sections will also be elected, and the function of the President of the Society will be assumed by Prof. Marek Kulus, prof. Maciej Kupczyk, who will hold it until 2024.

Earlier – in the spring of 2021 – the General Assembly of Members of Regional Branches will be organized, which will elect their new authorities and Delegates to the General Assembly, held during the PTA Congress.

We encourage all PTA members to participate in these events and actively contribute to the activities of the Society. We also invite you to participate in next year’s PTA educational events:

  • XIV International Congress –
  • XIII Training Conference –